Recommended Reading 9/9/2016

If you’re looking for something good to read this weekend, here are several worthy options:

Poetry lovers should check out Cassie Pruyn‘s three poems that were included as part of CutBank’s “All Accounts and Mixture” online series:

And Tanya Grae has some beautiful new work online at Agni and at Fjords Review: and

And be sure to read a new poem by Larry Thacker‘s in The Rappahannock Review:

If Creative Non-Fiction is more your style, you should read Elizabeth Glass’s essay “A Series of Almosts” online at The Manifest-Station:

And Susan Pagani has a wonderful essay, “On Living with Geese,” online at Switchback:

Corina Zappia wrote a fantastic review of Seattle restaurants in The Stranger: I promise it’s a fun read, even if you won’t be in Seattle anytime soon.



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