Recommended Reading 12/12/2016

I know most of us are thinking about how quickly Christmas is coming, but sometimes it’s good to take some time for ourselves by sinking into something good to read.  Here are some recommendations for your reading or listening pleasure.

Libby Flores was the guest on a recent episode of THE HOW THE WHY podcast:

Kate Jayroe has a new poem up at Ink Node: Kate was also recently interviewed at NANO Fiction in anticipation of the fact that they will soon publish her story, “Jeep.”

Cassie Pruyn has some beautiful new poems online at The Common and at Liminal Stories

Barrett Warner is featured on a recent edition of The Speakeasy: Barrett’s book Why Is It So Hard to Kill You? was reviewed over at The Loch Raven Review:  And because I know from personal experience that it’s impossible to get enough of Barrett, you’ll want to check out this video of Barrett reading at Why There Are Words:

Finally, congrats to Megan Culhane Galbraith and Shawna Kay Rodenberg.  Both were included in Entropy‘s year-end list “Best of 2016: Best Online Articles and Essays.” Galbraith’s essay, “Sin Will Find You Out,” was originally published in Catapult. Shawna Kay Rodenberg’s “How Evangelical Women Found a False Savior in Trump,” was originally published in The Village Voice. Check out the whole list here:

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