Submission Calls for Writers 12/15/2017


Here are a dozen new submission opportunities just waiting for your work. There’s only a couple of weeks left to submit to a few of these excellent journals, so pay close attention to those deadlines.  This is likely the last of these postings for the year.  Thanks to all of you who have used and shared these lists.  Best of luck submitting, now and in the new year.


Foundry is always open for general submissions (free). Please submit 3-5 original, previously unpublished poems through Submittable. Simultaneous submissions are encouraged. We pay $10 per poem. Foundry publishes a range of styles and forms, from short lyric poems to prose poems and longer narratives. We are committed to inclusivity and warmly welcome submissions from marginalized voices.


Split Lip Review

Split Lip Review is open for FREE submissions during the months of December. We’re a literary journal of voice-driven writing with a pop culture twist. We publish online monthly and in print yearly. We accept fiction between 1,000 and 5,000 words, flash fiction under 1,000 words, and memoir up to 2,000 words.  We accept only one (yes, just one) poem at a time. Please do not send us more than one poem. Send your best poem, but only one. We mean it.


Barrow Street

Our open reading period is from December 1st to December 31st. There is a $3 charge per submission from January 1st to March 15th. Submit up to six poems or eight pages. Response time is one week to four months.


the museum of americana

the museum of americana is open to submissions of prose and poetry from until December 31st. We seek work that engages with or repurposes the complex cultural history of America.



FOLIO is a nationally recognized literary journal affiliated with the College of Arts and Sciences at American University in Washington, DC. Since 1984, we have published original creative work by both new and established authors. For Volume 33, FOLIO is particularly looking for work responding in some way to the theme of “crossroads and intersections.” All we ask is that you send us your best work that brings us to the place where two ideas, two paths meet, converge, collide, or divide. Submit fiction up to 5,000 words, nonfiction up to 4,500 words, or up to 5 poems.  Deadline: Jan 2, 2018.


Brevity One-Minute Memoir

The Brevity Podcast is seeking submissions for our One-Minute Memoir episode. We’re looking for ultra-flash nonfiction of 100-150 words (on paper) and up to one minute (recording time). Accepted pieces will be broadcast in our February episode and receive a $25 honorarium. Deadline for submission is January 6, 2018. You may submit in one of two ways: 1) Text only. Submit a .doc. We will record accepted pieces in the Brevity studio. 2) Audio file. Submit an MP3 or WAV of your own recording PLUS a .doc with the text. Recordings should be a maximum of 60 seconds.                  Brevity publishes well-known and emerging writers working in the extremely brief (750 words or less) essay form. We have featured work from two Pulitzer prize finalists, many NEA fellows, Pushcart winners, Best American authors, and writers from India, Egypt, Ireland, Spain, Malaysia, Qatar, and Japan. We have also featured numerous previously-unpublished authors, and take a special joy in helping to launch a new literary career. Over the past year Brevity has averaged 10,000 unique visitors per month. The Brevity Podcast launched in 2016, and has featured interviews with Andre Dubus III, Dani Shapiro, Rick Moody, and other nonfiction notables.


The Stinging Fly

We publish new, previously unpublished work by Irish and international writers. We have a particular interest in promoting the short story. We also welcome submissions of poetry and prose in translation.

No more than one story and/or poetry submission should be submitted during any one submission period. For poetry submissions, all poems should be included in a single file. Short stories and poems should always be just as long (or as short) as they need to be. Our next open submission period will run until Thursday, January 11, 2018. This will be for our Summer 2018 issue.


Outlook Springs

Send us stories we can’t put down. Our emphasis is literary fiction, but we aren’t biased against genre. Send poems that ooze with sonic pleasure and stagger from line-to-line with an animated corpse’s lingering bravado. As for nonfiction, send us your travel narratives, your lyrical essays, your personal essays, and everything in between. If it’s real, if it’s interesting, if it’s well-written and gives us a new and exciting way to see the world (or – even better—inside your head), then we’ll publish it. Our current reading period ends January 15, 2018.


The Stacy Doris Memorial Poetry Award

Minimum 3 pages; maximum 10 pages. Maximum 1 poem per author. Doris created new worlds with her unexpected poetics. Following upon her spirit of creative invention, engaging wit and ingenious playfulness, discovery in construction, and radical appropriations based on classical forms, pastiche, etc., and love, the Stacy Doris Memorial Poetry Award is given to a poet with a truly inventive spirit. The winning poet will receive $500 and publication in the Spring 2018 issue of Fourteen Hills. Poems not chosen for the award will be considered for publication in Fourteen Hills. Deadline is January 15, 2018. There is no submission fee.


Cincinnati Review

The Cincinnati Review welcomes submissions from writers at any point in their careers. We read until March 1, 2018. Please submit up to six poems or a total of ten manuscript pages at a time. Fiction submissions should be no more than forty double-spaced pages. We’re interested mostly in pieces of nonfiction less than twenty double-spaced pages, though you can try us for longer pieces if you think they’ll knock our socks off.



Anastamos is a modern interdisciplinary journal. Each issue focuses on a single topic with diverse perspectives on the human experience, weaving together creative, scientific, philosophical, historical, and social perspectives on common shifting themes. We live in a world frequented by sets of binaries. One such set is between order and chaos, or as we are naming it for the third issue of Anastamos: DIS/ORDER. We seek submissions that explore the complex relations that come out of this deceptively simple set. Disorder is often bound up in deterioration and decay, but through this decline life emerges, new opportunities swell. Structures change and order and sense are inlaid upon a new world. Tell us about the order of things, probe the structures and boundaries of your work. Submissions for issue 3 close March 23, 2018.


Sycamore Review

Sycamore Review is looking for original poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. POETRY manuscripts should be typed single-spaced, one poem to a page, up to five poems. PROSE should be typed double-spaced, with numbered pages and the author’s name and title of the work easily visible on each page. NONFICTION should be literary memoir or creative personal essay. Sycamore Review does not publish scholarly articles or journalistic pieces, though we do publish experiential journalism with a memoir bent. We are interested in originality, brevity, significance, strong dialogue, and vivid detail. There is no maximum page count, but remember that the longer the piece is, the more compelling each page must be. Our general reading period runs now through March 31, 2018.

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