Jeff Hardin’s “Seed Heads Bursting Gold Light”

The first book I read this month was Jeff Hardin‘s collection, Notes for a Praise Book, published by Jacar Press. Jeff Hardin’s poems are always thoughtful and beautiful, and here’s one I wanted to share:


We need to busy ourselves with memorizing autumn
in the puddles down the drive. A single
forgotten reflection
makes all the others tremble.

I didn’t think twice as a boy, lying prostrate
to watch a dandelion bend with the breeze.
I knew already what to do with my life.

I’d wager Solomon, had he lived nearby,
would have taken long walks in the sage grass field,
just to watch how seed heads
burst with gold light.

I’m an advocate of letting things lean as they must.
When one tree rests its dying toward another,
I go among them
to listen in and take my place.

No big difference, I say, between years that lean that way
and a shared gaze between me and some friend’s eyes.
Some weakness unspoken
may be the strongest voice we have.

3 thoughts on “Jeff Hardin’s “Seed Heads Bursting Gold Light”

  1. Thanks, Denton, for sharing Jeff’s poem. I agree with your admiration for Jeff’s poems. It was a pleasure to come across “Seed Heads …” once more, a reminder to pull Notes for a Praise Book from my shelf and read it again.

    I hope all your work is going well in this new year. And I hope we will see one another before the year slips by.


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  2. I read quite a few poems daily, from various sources and in various styles, many a jumble of words and pseudo-words. Reading this adroitly crafted piece by Jeff Hardin is a welcome reminder that a truly fine poem depends upon both insight and skill. Thank you for getting it to my inbox this morning.

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