Recommended Reading 1/16/2017

I just finished reading Lincoln Michel‘s collection, Upright Beasts.  One of my favorite stories is “Things Left Outside,” which also appears online at Weird Fiction Review


An essay of Walter Robinson’s that was originally published in The Sun has now been picked up by Reader’s Digest, and you can read the whole piece here: (Check out Walter’s new website for more of his work:

Corina Zappia has a new piece, My Sandwich Is Going to Eat Me, at The Stranger:

Kate Jayroe has an essay online at JMWW:

Keith Lesmeister interviewed Susan Pagani on his blog (Life as a Shorty) about her story, The Fledgling, in The Rappahannock Review:

Finally, I was excited to read Lynne Sharon Schwartz’s thoughts about the English poet Stevie Smith in this review:! I didn’t know much about Smith’s poetry before reading this piece, and Lynne Sharon Schwartz continues to be so smart.  I admire her more all of the time.

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